Special Promotions ONLY Available to Afinia Customers!

Afinia has really been such a great partner to us that Team Squidget™ has decided to give something back to Afinia’s customers. So we are offering four different “Friends of Squidget” Secret Perks that are ONLY available to Afinia customers, not the general public.

Each Secret Perk is outlined below. On behalf of Team Squidget™ and Afinia, we thank you for your support and we are proud to be a part of the greater Afinia family!

After our campaign we will hold four additional drawings – one for each category of pledgers. The prizes will range from free Afinia products up to a BRAND NEW H400 PRINTER!


Each Individual Friend of Squidget™ will RECEIVE 6 SQUIDGETS AND FREE SHIPPING. This represents a 51% discount because of your loyalty to Afinia.

More importantly, you will be helping 6 individuals immediately improve their own lives by:

  • Enhancing their focus
  • Increasing timely task completion
  • Improving the Teacher/Student relationship
  • Giving them much deserved self-esteem!


We wanted to be sure that every Teacher in the amazing Afinia community could affordably provide a Squidget™ to all of their very special students.

By pledging only $93.00 we will gratefully send you:

  • 10 Squidgets™
  • 10 of our very own “Squishet™” squeezable cubes

This is represents almost a 53% discount, a great value. More importantly you will be helping those special students just yearning to unlock their full potential and unleash their immense creativity. That is the kind of RETURN ON INVESTMENT that every teacher strives to achieve!


Over the past year we had many Principals and Special Education Directors order larger quantities for their schools because THEY KNOW THEY WORK, AND THEY ARE CLASSROOM-FRIENDLY.

Afinia’s Friends of Squidget™ – School Level will receive:

  • 24 individual Squidgets™
  • 24 unique and colorful custom lanyards.

Many of our Teacher friends have found this lanyard to be invaluable, so we included it for a pledge of just $200. While this represents almost a 60% savings, the true impact and benefit will be seen in how quickly the children respond!


We also had numerous Districts that wish to provide the only Proven, Safe, Durable and Affordable focusing solution to their students.

That is why we assembled this amazing Special Perk that will include:

  • 110 Squidgets™
  • 110 Lanyards
  • 110 Squishets™

This perk not only represents almost a 57% discount, it contains all three components of what has been repeatedly proven to be THE MOST EFFECTIVE, CLASSROOM-FRIENDLY, TOTAL FOCUSING SOLUTION!